All about the Straight Talk Network

Straight Talk is a prepaid, pay-as-you-go cellphone service. Straight Talk is compatible with most current-generation phones, although there are some caveats to beware of (particularly with iPhone 4 users). Straight Talk is not bound by contracts or (for the most part) limitations in regards to credit, age or data usage. Straight Talk offers no-contract phones and smartphones (mainly Samsung Galaxy phones, or older generation iPhones), as well as various service packages and SIM cards that are compatible for most cell phones. Moreover, any individual who desires to make additional savings can always do it via

The services provided by Straight Talk include call forwarding, text messaging and data transfer (including web capability), as att_new_logowell as standard phone calls. While the Straight Talk services are independent of any major carrier service, the overall network is run in tandem with the AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon networks. More specifically, Straight Talk is a Mobile Virtual Network operator, supporting GSM and CDMA standards. The CDMA network uses the CDMA 1xRTT network (provided by both Verizon, and Sprint), whereas the GSM services are run from either T-Mobile’s or AT&T’s networks (which are GSM-based). The Verizon and AT&T networks prove to be the most reliable in regards to data transfer and multi-media applications, but are likewise available depending on certain conditions. Read more »

Best WordPress Plugins for Translation

Many WordPress sites have difficulty in translating content into other languages. Often, when you site is written in English for English readers, it will not translate well into other languages for viewing in other countries, or for viewing by readers proficient in another language. Instead of appearing as you’d want text to appear in another language, your content can show up as unintelligible gobbledygook.

The three plugins below can help you, as a WordPress administrator, translate your text into various languages quickly and easily so that it is easily read by visitors from different countries or visitors native to another language. In addition, if you are looking for some cool discounts, check out Mygodaddypromocode for additional savings.

    1. Transposh WordPress Translation

The Transposh WordPress Translation plugin will let administrators translate content for users in a very unique way. While most plugins allow administrators to translate their own content for users, this plugin allows for translation to be done on both the publisher’s end and the user’s end. The plugin will combine the automatic elements of site translation with the ability of users to add and translate

Administrators can select from a wide variety of languages that their content can be translated into. Almost 70 languages are included among the choices that administrators can enable for their site and that users can view content in. In addition to translating the basic content on your site, the plugin will also translate chosen widgets and boxes that are on your site as well. Comments can also be automatically translated into the language of choice as well. Lastly, RSS feeds can also be translated coming from the site, based on either the user side or the publisher’s side. It is very simple to enable the plugin within the site – once the file directory has been dragged and dropped into your WordPress directory, it is simple to select what portions of the site you want to be automatically translated for your visitors.

Visitors to the site are able to upload their content to be translated within the site. External plugins and content can be translated based on the user’s preferences, without a need for any other files or plugins. Translation can be done easily and quickly.

    2. Genesis Translations

The Genesis Translations plugin will allow administrators to take any site powered by the Genesis framework and translate it into one of over 20 different languages. After unpacking a zip file and uploading the file directory into WordPress, the plugin will begin translating pages into specified languages for viewing by speakers of other languages. The plugin’s support features are also looking to add new languages, so publishers who download this plugin can request for languages to be added. There is no need for supplemental plugins or files (such as extension files ending in .mo or .po) as everything can be configured via the WordPress dashboard and the plugin command screen. There is no need to perform any hard coding in the template.

    3. Google Language Translator

The Google Language Translator plugin lets publishers translate most parts of their site to specified languages. Shortcodes can be added across the entire site or to specific posts, pages or widgets to translate content into various languages. It can be used within most WordPress templates, and the translation that occurs takes place in conjunction with Google’s translation capabilities. The code should not be used multiple times on a single page, but can be plugged into multiple widgets or posts within the same page. The plugin is easily enabled on the WordPress dashboard, and administrators can select the languages that the site can be translated into. Read more »

Basic Steps in Song and Album Artwork Downloading

It is fun to enjoy music your own way and to have pictures attached with every song you play on your device. Downloading is the simple process of obtaining music from its source. It is easy to find music to download and there are various app to find album art cover. But downloading can be difficult and time consuming if you do not know what to do. So here is a little help for you. These steps are basically simple steps on music downloading with an accompanying album art.

First, create a folder on your desktop where you can collect the songs you want from available sources. You can have them for free or you can pay. For free songs, you can just rip them from Youtube and pulling out and copying them to your mp3. Then paste the URL of the video into the text box. Read more »

What You Need to Know About Gravity Forms

g forms discountIf you have something to share, you should know the concept of web blogging or simply called blogging. Blog refers to the in depth or light discussion published on the internet. Blog consists of posts showed in reverse sequential order-the fresh posts usually appears first. The first blogs were usually the work of single individual but as time goes by, groups of people strive hard to create content. Today, MABs (Multi Blog Authors) made blogging more interesting and widespread. Blogging comes from newspapers, universities, interest groups and the like. Blogging is kind of virtual publishing tool that facilitates posting of different contents. Blogs today are more interactive permitting visitors to leave comments-good or bad. In this sense, blogging can be considered a form of social networking. Read more »

The Best WordPress Hosting Companies

You want to share something and you want a wider reach and more audience. That is possible now with the help of blogging hosts. Numerous blogging hosts exist in the market these days but the problem is choosing the best one. There are many things that you should consider but if in this case you chose WordPress, you are in for a lot of treats. Before anything else, you should know everything you can about WordPress. After discussing WordPress, you will learn the best WordPress hosting companies.

WordPress was released on May 27, 2003. It is blog software and you should know that its operating system is cross-platform. Many bloggers consider WordPress because it is free and open source type of blogging. It is a CMS (Content Management System) that is founded on MySQL and PHP. WordPress runs under a website hosting service. WordPress is common because of its ease of use. It features a template system and plug-in infrastructure. To date, WordPress is considered the most popular blogging software. WordPress is used by sixty million websites.

The creation of Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg was brilliant. The latest version was released on November 2013 and it was downloaded less than ten million times. If you are asking of the features of WordPress, it presents various themes, plugins, multi user & multi blogging and many more. When you speak of themes, it refers to the installation of different themes. Themes will give the users freedom to change the look for their WordPress website. You can go to the “appearance” section or you can upload a theme through the FTP.

The plugins permits the developers and users to further expand the abilities beyond the standard installation. WordPress has more than 26000 plugins that can be customized to fit the needs of the developers or users. Multiple user & multiple blogging allow developers and users to create numerous blogs within 1 installation. Developers or users are drawn to WordPress because of other features like spotless permalink structure, assign nested, tagging, filters and many more.

Now that you understood the basics of WordPress, it is time to think about the Best WordPress Hosting Companies. There are many companies that offer WordPress hosting. You need to look for a company that will give you most value. If you are looking for a good hosting company, you should consider the tree criteria – performance, pricing and support reliability. There was a study conducted by WP Site Care. WP Site Care reviewed at least eight website hosting companies. Here are the results:


HostGator has this Hatchling account type that costs $7.16 per month. According to the performance test done in Portland, the maximum response time is 10.16 seconds. Be sure to snag a Hostgator coupon code also before signing up for a program, this is essential.
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